Resources and Information for the General Community & Specific Community Groups such as Schools.

Community Resources

School/Educator Resources

Stop, Breath, Think: Free Teacher Resource:

Helping Students Recover at School Report:

NCTSN Toolkit for Educators:

Wisconsin Online Trauma-sensitive school professional development webinars:

Child Trauma Academy Free Online Courses:

Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Recognizing and Addressing Trauma in Children:

District Leadership’s Role in Supporting and Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools:

Toolkit for Educators: Children impacted by addiction

Infograph: TI Compassionate Classrooms:

Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms:

Trauma-sensitive schools:

Fostering Community, Parent and School Involvement:

Meaningful Student Involvement:

SAMHSA: Measuring Progress Toward Becoming a Trauma-Informed School:

Trauma Informed Oregon Resources:

Trauma Sensitive School Checklist:

Bullying and Trauma:

NCJFCJ Trauma-Informed Classrooms:

The Trauma and Learning Policies Initiatives: Trauma Sensitive Schools

Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain 

Medical Community Resources

Handbook for Health Care Practitioners:

TIC Healthcare Toolkit for Medical Providers

Trauma Survivors in Medical and Dental Settings/ The Consortium:

TIC Guide/Inpatient Psychiatric:

Trauma-informed Care in primary care infograph:

VT Toolkit for EMS, victim services, fire and police:

Primary Care Setting Article:

First Responder- Vicarious Trauma

Legal Community Resources

Trauma-Informed Policing


Sidran Institute Resources for Helpers/Professionals: