Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)Resource Repository

The repository contains tools, links, literature, articles, podcasts and videos intended  to aid you in your exploration of learning about trauma and trauma-informed care.  

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  1. Trauma
    Learn the definition of trauma and explore resources on trauma concepts such as post traumatic growth, resilience as well as burnout and self-care.
  2. Info for Self/Family
    Discover additional information for trauma survivors, family members and other interested individuals.
  3. TIC
    Learn what it means and what it takes to be trauma-informed. Trauma 101 Powerpoint training material included for free public use.
  4. Info for Communities
    Find resources that apply to trauma and the community such as information for schools and other community entities.
  5. Treating Trauma
    Explore the possibilities of treating trauma and identify providers in Western New York that offer trauma-specific services with the TICIWNY Provider Directory.
  6. Info for Providers
    Population specific resources for agencies/entities providing services in the community.
  1. Legislation & Policy
    Current enacted and proposed legislation which includes trauma-informed care provisions.
  2. Website Links
    Links to helpful websites that contain additional resources or connection to other trauma-informed interested communities.
  3. Documentaries
    Learn what it means and what it takes to be trauma-informed.
  4. Suggested Reading
    Books that help inform understanding on trauma and trauma-specific aspects of trauma-informed care.
  5. TIC for Organizations
    Resources for employers as well as information and tools related to TIC organizational change.
  6. Help Us Grow
    Please contact us with additional content ideas that you would like to see here.