Trauma is the result of the impact from adverse life experiences.  The experience could be a one time event or the experience of a continuation of events; the impact will depend on the person.


When thinking about trauma and its impact, it may be helpful to examine the topic from several different aspects; the biology of trauma, the impact of trauma on the person/their caregivers and the workforce as well as causes of trauma such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). 
Each section below provides resources and a brief description of the type of information available through each link. 

The Definition of Trauma


Explanantion of Trauma for Children

Explanantion of Trauma- General

Articles and Websites (Click on the link or picture if available)

OMH News October 2018 Issue: Recovery from Trauma:

Intergenerational Trauma:

Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Recognizing and Addressing Trauma in Children:


Adminstration for Children and Families Trauma Resources Guide:

ACEs Too High- Childhood Trauma:




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Resilience, Retraumatization, Vicarious Retraumatization, Vicarious Post-Traumatic Growth, and Post-Traumatic Growth 

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The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit (Office for Victims of Crime):

Indirect Traumatization in Professionals Working with Trauma Survivors- ISTSS:

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Definition and Information: Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre:

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Transforming Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction:

Headington Institute/ Understanding & Addressing Vicarious Trauma: 


UB School of Social Work Self-Care Toolkit and Information:

Self-Care Tips for Helpers:

Self-Care for Trauma Psychotherapists and Caregivers: Individual, Social and Organizational Interventions: